Royal festival of remembrance 2018

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Botchie, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Should be especially poignant tonight with the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice.

    Long way to Tipperary always gets me.
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  2. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    enjoying this so far.
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  3. Buchans Boots

    Buchans Boots Midfield

    Any British politician there tonight should hang their head in shame at the state they have allowed this country to get into.
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  4. yorkyexile

    yorkyexile Striker

    not the thread for it marra
  5. That's disrespectful. This is a thread about those who have served, not your political views.
  6. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    Canny singer and a canny song
  7. Sheridan Smith, has got some lungs on her mind.
  8. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Well that's me gone.
  9. man and dog, a true partnership :cool:
  10. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    I don't think she's been a good place recently so very brave of her to sing such an emotional song.
  11. hopefully she get's herself together
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  12. Ludwig

    Ludwig Midfield Contributor

    I Get what you’re saying GJ and it is about those who served are serving and those who have lost their lives doing so ,however these conflicts usually start due to politics and there are those who should hang their heads . ( just my honest opinion)
  13. Growler

    Growler Full Back

    Unfortunately, it was the politicians who begot it. The innocents were the victims.
  14. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    Soldiers don't serve politicians marra, they serve their country.
  15. Leon Solent

    Leon Solent Midfield

    Just for this evening, can we give it a rest?
  16. Queen and Country, simple as that.
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  17. hoggs11

    hoggs11 Full Back

    I'm crying like a bairn here man. That was beautiful.
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  18. Ludwig

    Ludwig Midfield Contributor

    You are correct, apologies!
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  19. Botchie

    Botchie Winger

    For me this is where this weekend holds it's most significance. Remembering those that have given their life is important. However the rehabilitation of the injured, both physically and mentally is vital.
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  20. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    McFly. Christ on a bike.

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