Rotherham to win it and us for 4th


Full Back
Tbh, if I took my blue tinted specs off, I’d say Rotherham are the best side we’ve played regardless of the result. Play at a much faster pace than most do and commit bodies forward.

They’ve not fully clicked either, hence why they aren’t way out infront.

After that, I’ve not seen a good side all season. I include Oxford in that who many pundits seem to be whacking one off over as well.

I remember feeling all throughout last season that Luton and Charlton were an awful lot better than the other 3 sides in the race on their day, especially near the end of the season, and ultimately they were 2 of the 3 sides promoted. Didn’t quite have the same feeling for Barnsley, although they got up. Had ourselves or yourselves gone up automatically instead last time, I think Barnsley would have missed out. Point being, I make Rotherham clear favourites. I think it’s very open thereafter.