Ross honeymoon period well and truly over

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by El Gen, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. errant

    errant Striker

    I clicked on this assuming we’re all slagging off George Honeyman, imagine my disappointment...
  2. First replay ive seen of the penalty decision, that is an absolute fucking disgrace, feeling even more robbed now!
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  3. Seaham Towny

    Seaham Towny Striker

    I’ll echo the 1st post, get fucked man :lol:
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  4. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Utter bollocks. We could have won that game and he’d have still been crap.
  5. thamesvalleyman

    thamesvalleyman Midfield

    I assume you are taking the snake hiss?
  6. Just back from match and read this.
    I despair of some of our so-called supporters. I agree we could have been better today but to start having a go at Ross after what we've done so far this season with virtually a new team, well it's crazy to me.
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  7. officerbill

    officerbill Central Defender

    Nothing that happened today was down to Jack Ross, that display of refereeing was one of the worst in 45 years of watching Sunderland.. And that's no exaggeration...
  8. Gutmackem

    Gutmackem Winger

    Aye he's had one transfer window to patch together a relegated team involving getting shot of players on Premier wages, a total restructure of the club & he's got us in 3rd position with a game in hand, Ross out! Bring in Pardew!
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  9. Only threat? They hit the post seconds before the penalty was awarded. Our keeper made 2/3 really good saves particularly one in the first half where they really should have scored.
    I thought they definitely created more opportunities than we did.
  10. DjangoMango

    DjangoMango Full Back

    My eyes are rolling so hard I can see the back of my skull
  11. redgauntlet

    redgauntlet Striker

    Spend and bring in some better players or no promotion. Like it or not football is all about spending wisely. It doesn’t matter where you look it’s the same.
  12. manamamackem

    manamamackem Winger

    You should've figured out that this place has always been on the verge f a melt-down marra. Just needed the slightest excuse;)
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  13. How much? We must have already spent similar to the rest of the division added together.
  14. MrChalk

    MrChalk Midfield

    Thought we were shocking today - about equal to the dramatic, alarm bell ringing title of your post. Settle down man.
  15. EchoMan

    EchoMan Winger

    If Wyke had headed in after McGeady’s shot hit the bar we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous thread.
  16. hardlife

    hardlife Midfield

    By all accounts the pen was given for a Baldwin handball???
  17. Cartysafc

    Cartysafc Central Defender

    Their man got sent off with twenty minutes left. The ball must’ve been in play for about eight minutes of that. Referee was a fkn disgrace!
  18. rocky

    rocky Striker

    If that's the case then I think he's got it wrong. I thought it was for the foul.
    We wouldn't even be discussing this if Maguire had just kept possession
  19. Evester

    Evester Midfield

    I have two concerns so far...
    1. We have on paper the best squad in the league
    2. We are conceding on average a goal a game. We simply can not keep clean sheets.

    It is not a strong league, we should be clear.

    We are third.

    I have always said Ross can only be judged what happens come May and it appears now it is a 3 horse race for 2 places so I am fairly relaxed....still haha.
    We need to convert draws to wins as we are not losing many games.

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