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Ross honeymoon period well and truly over

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by El Gen, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. El Gen

    El Gen Winger

    lacked serious tactical acumen there

    Should have gone 3 ate the back when they went to 10

    We were running them ragged and we gave them time to get organised.

    If he'd switched to 3 with fresh legs we would have swamped them
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  2. Hongkongphooey

    Hongkongphooey Striker

    Get fucked, the ref was to blame today
  3. Coeus

    Coeus Striker

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  4. El Gen

    El Gen Winger

    the ref was possibly the worst i've ever seen

    Got nothing to do with Ross tactical acumen though
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  5. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    Hes really not what hes made out to be like

    Nice bloke and talks a great game. The end

    Tactically hes none existent
  6. He has done a good job so far overall, but it's a big few months for him now and he needs to ensure we get promotion, this squad should be good enough.
  7. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister Central Defender

    Yes, lets get Ricky Sbragia back, or maybe we could have an interim manager like Paul Lambert or Alex McLeish

    Some people man
  8. SAFC 2012

    SAFC 2012 Striker

    He started well. He hasnt been doing a good job for about 3/4 month

    Hes chamged his whole philosophy
  9. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

    Jesus wept man :lol: Can a manger not make mistakes anymore without someone saying the "honeymoon period is over!" or something similarly dramatic? How the fuck do you get through everyday life?

  10. pwsafc

    pwsafc Winger

    What is the matter with the whinging people in here, all think they are tactically better than our manager!! We were robbed by the ref end of story
  11. Jack Torrance

    Jack Torrance Winger

  12. pwsafc

    pwsafc Winger

    Because there are a lot of idiots on here !
  13. I like Ross except his substitutions, seems happy to let the game pass him by.
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  14. He has done a good job overall, we need to kick on now though.
    I do kind of agree on the style of play, we started in periods to play some really good stuff early in the season. Now we look to just be grinding out results. Time doesn't really seem to have improved us much.
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  15. West_Winger

    West_Winger Winger

    Eh? Their only threat came from a penalty given by a ref so bad he’s been relegated twice.

    My only annoyance was not bringing Kimpioka on when they got the red. Other than that we were fine.
  16. We didn't deserve to win the game regardless of the ref.
  17. iansun

    iansun Striker

    Who was the Oxford one because he was on par.
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  18. Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister Central Defender

    He's Scottish though - you know they didn't vote for Brexit? Disgusting
  19. rocky

    rocky Striker

    He was poor but got the penalty right
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  20. Davyred

    Davyred Striker

    Lee Probert was responsible for that, not Jack Ross.

    As for the honeymoon period crack, give over man.

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