Ross calls for perspective

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Paul Reid talks well and I genuinely believe the way he wants the academy to be run won't happen and that will be of no fault of his own.
Agreed. In another universe he’d be being groomed as a future Sporting Director for the whole club (given his current studies). Develop with the academy and then move to the big job. The fact that we don’t have that position is part of the problem.
I will stick my neck out and say he is actually worse than Moyes.
Dont be so fucking stupid man. Theres no comparison between the two, moyes is a charlatan who had written us off before we were out of august and still milked the club for millions in wages while not giving a fuck.....not to mention the money he wasted on absolute fucking garbage on the pitch. Jack ross is an inexperienced manager trying to make the best of tidying up after years of dross on the pitch.


Sounds like he was suggesting the players sold under him have weakened the team.

If he thinks he's being sold short by the owners he needs to come out and say that. He's a young manager and reputations count. His is diminishing rapidly and if he's being hamstrung he needs to confront the owners.
It's the sort of statement that starts the two-step dance out the door.

22 players in and all the sudden the players aren't good enough and the fans need to tamp down expectations after first match.

Moreover, not something you say after game 1 of the new season regardless.

Shades of moyes "relegation battle" comments after his second match, tbh.

Dour, self-defeatist attitude .


9 wins from 26 in the third division.... if you let that stat sink in it’s amazing he’s still in a job.


I’m torn - on one hand it’s ridiculous to sack a manager after 1 game.

On the other, when did sunderland actually last play well? They’ve shown some scrappy performances (Portsmouth away), but by and large since Xmas they’ve been a shambles. A Disorganised rabble - can’t defend, can’t create chances, can’t take set pieces, can’t defend set pieces, zero partnerships anywhere on the pitch etc etc. Saturday was terrible and a sign nothing has been fixed

Fuck it - maybe reading that back I’m not torn..... Ross out

Tin Soldier

I'm starting to believe the players aren't going with his 'philosophy' and
style/tactics. The body language and interaction between him and them compared to Oxford's and their wanker on the touchline was
poles apart
If by the end of September we aren't sitting in the top two then he will go. However, if that happens then there are clearly other issues at the club. The recruitment, yet again, looks hap hazard, gap plugging and short-termist. It has done since the new owners came in. There doesn't seem to be any coherent, long term plan for what is wanted on the pitch from the owners, the sporting director, the chief scout, the manager and the academy. Everything looks disjointed and I think it has from very early on in this new era.

The transparency, IMO, hasn't been entirely transparent; its been quite illusory. Whether it be the details of the takeover deal from Short, the handling of the Maja transfer, the reducing of the wage bill ('we don't need to'), the clarification of who is in charge of transfers, the dismissal of takeover talks despite them clearly taking place, the talk about contracts being offered to players, I think we have been given very inconsistent, and sometimes contradictory, information. All that makes me very wary of the situation the club is in and where we will be in the long term. A lot of exceptionally good will has been shown to the new owners, the manager and the players from the supporters. Consistent 30k crowds, sell outs on the road and patience has been shown, particularly considering we are in the third tier and some of the results and performances. It won't last forever though, so things need to improve both on and off the park.
Think the manager and the owners are happy with us being in L1 but still want PL size crowds to 'accept' it
That's exactly what i think about the whole thing, i thought i was the only one who thought that as well.
9 wins from 26 in the third division.... if you let that stat sink in it’s amazing he’s still in a job.
Also this.
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