Ronnie Pickering Blue Plaque

Discussion in 'SMB' started by peil, Mar 20, 2019.

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  3. Just encouraging arsehole behaviour imo
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    We having a bare knuckle fight or what?
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    Tosser, but still entertaining in a cringeworthy way.
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  7. It's the look on his wife's face.

    My reading of it is: "Oh fuck. Not this again !"
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    I’m going to drive over there and visit one day
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    Is this anywhere near the train station? I’ll be getting off the train there in half an hour.
  10. Whatever happened to that bbc wildlife bloke?
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  11. Needs one here too

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    You poor bastard. Imagine living in Hull.
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  13. Imagine being so ignorant of Hull that you think it is bad.

    Whenever I go back home, and people take the piss out of Hull, I ask them if they've walked around Sunderland City Centre recently with their eyes open.
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    Area outside of the train station looked canny, the shopping centre was canny as well.
  15. A fuckton of (otherwise unavailable) money got spent on the city centre as a consequence of City of Culture.

    This is why people of Sunderland need to get behind a future City of Culture bid.

    Like everywhere else, Hull has it's rough bits, though.
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    You old slut.
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  17. Reported and be prepared to die
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