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  1. Bloke is completely crippled through bodybuilding........Question is would the 8 Olympia titles be worth hardly being able to walk at such a young age? If you havent seen it its a really good watch but heart breaking seeing the state of such a true giant of the sport.
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  2. Arthur80

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    Was talking about steroids and schwarzenegger this week and reckon for what he's got and achieved I'd definitely risk heart trouble and maybe an early death and doubt he has any regrets, would i take the same risks to look a bit bigger in my 20's and 30's to look good in a tight t-shirt definitely not.
  3. Others like Florence Griffiths Joyner were dead by 38, fuck that.
  4. Titus

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    That's what happens when you try to push the boundaries of 'supplement' use. Bloke was maxing out in specialised equipped powerlifting suits close to Olympia and doing stupidly heavy Tbar rows which would've put insane stress on his vertebrae the way he jerked the bar.
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    Watched this over Christmas, only just remembered the thread. Seems to have done very well for himself business wise afterwards but in answer to your question I wouldn't say it was worth it - doesn't seem to be able to enjoy anything he's earned due to constant crippling pain. Saw on Instagram that he was in for yet another op this week...
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  6. Madness, makes it even worse that he was such an amazing physical specimen and now he can't even stand up straight and is walking with sticks (while still bizarrely having massive muscles)...
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    He should take up DDP Yoga
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  8. Lewberry pie

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    It was never necessary for him to do this to himself though, he was always going to a great bodybuilder, he just used shit form for some exercises and pushed beyond what his body was capable of.

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