Ronaldo's marketing and pulling power

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    I expected it to be closer to the total figure

    I remember when Beckham went to Madrid, they made the transfer money back on shirts straight away, only 25mil or do but still
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    Aye, these days when clubs bid for players, they couldn’t give a monkeys what the transfer fee is as they see the deal as a total outlay. Wages, fee, bonus, + endorsements sales, sponsorships.
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    The clubs don´t make any money on players shirts unless they sell them in their shops/online.. The manufacturers do but they pay the clubs on a yearly contract basis
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    This is usually the case but won’t be for the bigger clubs and players, not a chance the club holds all the power a shirt cost £3 to make for Adidas stick a Real Madrid badge on and bale for eg on the back it’s worth a lot more, no way in this climate would they concede power to a manufacturer when they can just move to another
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  6. We only need to sell a dozen shirts and it will pay for all our new players :D
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    Well, what do Adidas pay Man Utd a yearly £75m for if they have to pay another sum on top of that? No way they would accept such conditions IMHO
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    Does he keep his own image rights?
  9. This myth about shirts paying for players still knocking about in the press :lol:
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    Can you imagine how much Adidas make from Man Utd if Ronaldo can post these sort of figures in a season alone, I think the 75million will be just to let Adidas make it then then they will get a percentage of sales.
    Sanchez smashes shirt sales record as United release financial figures -

    Ed Woodward January on Sanchez deal why would it be mentioned in the finances if they didn’t receive a future percentage of shirt sales

    They sell nearly 2 million shirts alone with out shorts socks and all the other kit, tops are £50-60 quid each will be a couple of quid to make
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  13. His pulling power is insignificant compared to that of my technological terror.

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    £92 a pop!!!
  15. They won't exactly have much future rarity value either judging by the numbers already sold. I'd want a freehold cottage or flat for ninety two pund man, ha ha.
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    Transfer window: exposing the widely held myths about how clubs sign players

    "For any cynical readers who may not be so inclined to take our word for it – after all, it is a popular myth – just look at how United and Adidas announced the deal in July 2014, where the partnership is described, quite clearly, as a licensing package. In fact, Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer triumphed the deal as a “collaboration [that] marks a milestone for us when it comes to merchandising potential. We expect total sales to reach £1.5bn during the duration of our partnership.”

    Despite the nonsense you may have heard about Zlatan Ibrahimovic shirt sales generating £50m for Manchester United, which would far exceed his wages, it’s simply not true. In fact, United don’t even automatically receive the 10-15% industry-standard royalty payment, no doubt because the up-front £75m annual payment is so large. United’s royalty payment only kicks in once a certain number of shirts are sold."
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  18. Great move for Ronaldo IMO. Clearly wants to keep fit and test his skills against the very best. Total contrast to these players like Rooney etc that just see the cash and are happy to flush their career down the pan.
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    we must have sold three Rodwell shirts..and that trio then wanted their money back.
  20. Only the players who should get a contract where there are paid per game they play

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