Roker Rapport Podcast: With Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald


Like I said a while ago about Kimpioka. He’s asked for £4,000 a week initially but Donald said he wouldn’t interfere.

But he’s told Ross not to play him if he doesn’t sign. Okay.
Tbf that sounds like it's going to be more one of the philosophies of the club and not just regarding individual players. I like it as a rule.

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A lot more guarded than his earlier ones which is to be expected.

wonder how different the tone would have been if recorded this morning rather than before the Cov game.

thought his comments about wembley were spot on.
No, but it’s not the first rumour it’s come up several times on here about different players.

Love listening to SD talk, was the least revealing one yet but still enjoyed it.
I do wonder if there is a reluctance to ask many more probing questions.
I agree about the lack of substance. He might have given more info that will probably be known - for example, the colour of next season's away kit (supposed to be known at least a season in advance allegedly) and the type of opposition for the friendlies.

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Thought it was said that Hume & Embleton were expected to sign? Doesn't sound that way to me.