Roker Park photo

Would be good for posters to put there Roker park pictures up to. I never had the pleasure of going to Roker Park so like looking at pictures and imagining the famous roar

Paddy O'Dors

Rumour is rugby camp and roko been bought by Eisner... Hilsea halt made to a proper station.. But not enough pubs...
I used to grace the civil service in my younger days mate. Even scored a worldy in the future incinerator end once. Can't see them spending lots on Hilsea for 25 days a year tbh. Good luck though and I hope it happens.


Only for the memories. Some of us remember being in there with 50k as recently as 1980. It was sad as fuck seeing it crippled by cuts and a capacity of 22k by the end.
When did all the reductions take place marra?
I only went to my first match in 92 so only saw Roker as it was til the end.


On the pitch these days lol
I've been shocked since day one of the SOL over how it seems to be a mini vortex for collecting shite. Players and rubbish!
People sleeping out overnight for tickets, still no excuse though.
TBF it was generally accepted it would be cleaned up by someone back then. No such people these days but I've always said the unemployed should do it for their benefits. I would certainly be happy to earn my way in that situation. Cue the abuse coming my way after saying that.
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I was th
It's around that time, mate, but I'm gonna say a year earlier. Might even have been 1990/91 season.
I was thinking it was the overnight queue for tickets for the semi-final against Norwich at Hillsborough. I certainly did an overnight queue for one of the rounds and at first I thought it was for the fifth round tie against West Ham away which I also went too. Memory fails me but I think the sem is most likely for an over-nighter.
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