Roger waters amused to death

Discussion in 'SMB' started by safc4everbp, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. safc4everbp

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    A strange song but magnetic don't you think ?
    Knocks a time out does Roger
  2. Rotten Johnny

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    Thought this was an obituary.
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  3. richyrich

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    Prefer Gilmour, Rogers is a bit of a pretentious prick.
  4. Cheesy Feet

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    Gilmour comes across as the more down to earth person but as songwriters there's no comparison..Waters is a genius..anything of note Pink Floyd did has his name attached to it.
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  5. sidneyeric

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  6. You are out of tune mate.
  7. Taffyduck

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    David gilmour will always be pink floyd . Although waters was a founding member, DG made the band to what it is today.
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  8. r@mside

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    Not amused. Can't speak for Queen Vic despite rumours he bored her to death.
  9. Cheesy Feet

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    Nonsense..Roger Waters was the driving force and the main lyricist through the bands most successful times..the weird and unique sound of Pink Floyd was Waters doing..Gilmour is a great guitarist no doubt but when Waters departed it was all too apparent where the creativity was..the Division Bell is just a mundane MOR record IMO..Waters was quoted at the time as saying 'it's a fair copy..they'd love to be able to recreate what's in my head' me Gilmours solo work is bland Radio 2 music whereas Waters work retains the weirdness that took Pink Floyd to the next level.
  10. Kent_Mackem

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    I think it worked best when they wrote together. Gilmour is a far better guitar player and singer though.
  11. Dave Herbal

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    Pink Floyd are shit
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  12. Wred

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  13. richyrich

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    He's definitely the better writer, I just never liked the way he left the band to go solo then sued Gilmour and Mason for using the Floyd name.
  14. Cheesy Feet

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    Oh Waters is an arrogant prick no doubt..but if we're talking about song writing and great lyrics the he's streets ahead of Gilmour.

    Watch this man Dave..:cool:
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  15. JonMc

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    Waters all the way out of the two. The voice of Floyd and the much more interesting musician since Floyd split. I enjoyed MLoR but it became too samey even before the end of that. There was always an edge with Floyd's music despite the trippy sounds and the Gilmour version just had the Floyd patented sound but with no edge at all. Imo.

    But as said, better together. Animals was always my favourite, shame that it was the one that pretty much split the band.
  16. Laeotaekhun

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    I've just listened to it and thought it was just plain boring and designed to send listeners to sleep!

    No originality at all.
  17. Kevj

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    I’ve said this before and I’ll stand by it. There is no doubting Waters genius and that he effectively was the lyrical driving force of Pink Floyd at their peak. However, it is widely publicised the rifts and conflicts within the band during this time. I believe if Waters had been allowed to have full control of the music, then it would have been too weird and Floyd would never have produced the work they did. It is the stabilising influences of the other band members which reigned Waters in. A perfect case of yin and yang.
  18. Excellent post .

    The combination of Barrett being sectioned ,Gilmour being introduced into the band and Waters being a weirdo made for the greatest band in the world in the 70’s.

    Bairns got me this for my birthday yesterday over the moon with it like .Going in the summer room[​IMG]
  19. Gan back to The Archies mate.
  20. rapscallion

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    I think Gilmour's equally as much of a tail and pompous oik.

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