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    Released 30 years ago today.

    One of my favourite films.
  2. fyl2u

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    Saw the remake for the first time a few weeks ago. Actually isn't too bad.

    The original is a classic though.
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  4. Eddie Hitler

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    A Golden era of telly filums back then mate.
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    Bitches leave.
  6. Fred Army

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    Great film.
    The uncut version of the ED 209 scene is brutal :lol:
  7. kamaras-tash

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    I'd buy that for a dollar
  8. Cosmopolitan

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    First 18 rated film I saw, no doubt the same for many others around that time.
  9. Pants

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    Forget you! Forget you! Forget you!
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  10. Director Paul Verhoeven once said "I grew up on World War Two under Nazi occupation. As a result it's possible that my idea of what's too violent might be different from other people's..."

    Exhibit A - Robocop
    Exhibit B - Starship Troopers
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  12. Sums him up
  13. Amazing film. Can be watched repeatedly and never get old.
  14. Pants

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    Fixed for post-watershed.
  15. Bull-derdash!
  16. Fetch Fletch

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    "Why me? Why me? Why me?"
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  17. Wasn't that The Running Man?
  18. Fetch Fletch

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    No mate.

    That's "who loves you, and who do you love?"
  19. You fetch lad
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