RNLI Sunderland

If you are able to, please consider making a contribution to the RNLI.

Really brave people who put their lives at risk to help others.

My thanks.
One of the few causes, that I'll stick notes in the tin, rather than the loose change i have. I remember as a kid watching the caterpillar tractor launching the one in Filey (I think), from then on, when away in the UK camping/caravaning me Dad use to take us the nearest station. A lot were open to the public, but a few i remember, we had to ask the bloke (If it was open) for a quick look round. This was the 80s, so I guess some of them have gone now.

Big Jeff

I've been to a few RNLI stations and the people are always great. They take a few minutes out of their day to talk.
Got huge respect for RNLI, there's a 'Saving Lives at Sea' series on the BBC iPlayer at the mo.
Think it’s into it’s 3rd series, we’re in the top busiest stations, god knows how we have never been on it.
They do. But woe betide them if they scoop up an ILLEGAL.
Some of these nuggets think we go out looking for them, we only get involved when the coastguard think there is a risk of danger to people or other vessels.
You can spot the racists a mile away
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I was watching the boat from Poetic licence. Actually said to my missus is was bobbing all over the shop didn’t look safe.

then seen the lifeboats on the pier next to the lighthouse. They were trying to figure out how to get the capsized boat.

lucky lads