RNLI Sunderland

Bob Fleming

One of them things mate, we don’t pick and choose, at the time we down know their circumstances and how it’s happened. Doesn’t look like they have life jackets mind, which tend to not be a great life choice.
Well just chucked in another donation. Spent my life by the sea home and abroad. Been in trouble a couple of times and sorted myself so never needed yous but one day I might.


Lad at work has a boat and goes fishing and is regularly pulling exhausted kayakers aboard that are drifting further out than they wanted to go. We were out one day when the weather turned and headed back and there must have been 5 or 6 upturned yachts waiting to be rescued just outside the pier. RNLI do a great job, one of the buckets I don't mind chucking a few quid into when they're outside the stadium.

Big Jeff