RIP John Hays


A sad day for his family, and for the city of Sunderland. I met him briefly at a social event just over a year ago. He seemed to be a real gentleman.
RIP John.
So sorry to hear this news, came across as a lovely , genuine family man. He was very successful and very proud of our local area. Heartbreaking and sincere condolences to his family and close friends.


Dreadful news.

Seemed a genuinely lovely bloke with the best interests of his staff and the region at the forefront of everything he did.


Full Back
This has certainly took the shine off the takeover news for me. Will always remember, when he was on the board and on home matchdays, he would park his car in the "elite" parking spaces directly outside the main entrance to the SOL.....brand new Mercs, Beamers, Range Rovers etc and a well aged BMW that stood out like a sore thumb. I believe this was John's car....i'm sure he could have afforded "flashy" but this to me showed that the lad was unpretentious and very much down to earth. Sad day indeed.