Rio Ferdinand

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Gucci Massive, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    Has Custis said owt ? He’ll be foaming.
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  2. I’d really like him to stay. He’s an odious man with no moral compass. He treats the people that work for him disgracefully.They deserve each other.
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  3. BigPete

    BigPete Striker

    Aye he's a wanker like but funny him supporting Rio

    How long till he gets called on shagging about and having hairy hands from the mags
  4. I pity any lass who has ever dumped Luke Edwards. Imagine having to deal with that mess.
  5. They are pretty much break even over the period of Ashleys ownership up to the last set of accounts.
    They have probably made profit last season and potentially this so I think it's fair enough to criticise that, although they do owe him £140m. I guess they would argue he benefits from advertising, not sure what the situation is with that now.
  6. Mackemed

    Mackemed Midfield

    Well this is what happens when you get up so many people's backs.
  7. hullmackem

    hullmackem Striker

    It’s embarrassing, send him articles, constantly tweeting him. Sad bastard.
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  8. They aren’t hard to wind up like. Surprising really, how can people as stupid as them be so sensitive :lol:
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  9. Stepover

    Stepover Midfield

    I'm ignoring the rest of the data to make my point. Can prove owt with stats ;)

    Both our clubs have been criminally mismanaged, over the last 10-12 years in very different ways. Still expect you'll manage to stay up, just. If not hopefully see you in the Championship next year!
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  10. Gucci Massive

    Gucci Massive Striker

     He's a right wailing wet fanny. It's a miracle he's apparently married. Someone must have wanted an absolute doormat and kicking post after all the other blokes ran a mile.
  11. Malta

    Malta Midfield

    Rio is winding tone up again.
    If you have twitter give him a like and comment to wind up the mags even more
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  12. Charlie Chimp

    Charlie Chimp Central Defender

    He's not the only one.

    All the faux mags are out on force the scum that they are

    :lol::lol: I'm not a fan lol
    Luke Edwards


    I’d happily take the time to explain this to you and I’m not a fan. I’m sure
    would join me. Won’t take long. It would educate you.
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  13. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Loved some of the responses about him not being a fan :lol:
  14. keybuk

    keybuk Central Defender

    If you bought a house but didn't get a survey done whose fault would it be if you found it needed a load of work done to it after you moved in?

    He's had years to claw back his losses.
  15. But he hasn’t clawed back his losses has he? Would you prefer he had?
  16. The blokes you lot worshipped had you in all sorts of debt and dodgy leases (Shepherd and the 2 warehouses that you never used but were paying for).

    One of yours said he has made £40m profit on transfers. If he made £20m last summer thats another 20 over 9 years. Its either almost break even every year or you've been in deficit more years than profit.

    He's hardly been bleeding you dry year on year has he?
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  17. box2box

    box2box Striker

    Pay them £6m pa and you couldn’t move for beds in the local hospital
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  18. sima-hebburn

    sima-hebburn Winger

    Richard keys getting in on it :lol::lol:

    Well said @rioferdy5 [​IMG][​IMG]. If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says - spend some of his own money. He’s got enough. Management is about teamwork - why should it always be Ashley? Buy it. It’s still for sale. They’re in the bottom 3 & Rafa is responsible. He picks the team.

    Richard Keys on Twitter
  19. DurhamRifleman

    DurhamRifleman Central Defender

    Have to disagree with that like.
  20. keybuk

    keybuk Central Defender

    You have to stop generalising. I don't speak for everyone. I'm not a member of the Shepherd and Hall fan club. I'm also not a member of the anyone but Ashley club. There's no guarantee that if he does sell that the new owner wouldn't be just as bad.

    As for the finances, accountants can dress the books up to look like you're potless. He's no mug, he will not of been operating the club at a loss.

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