Rightmove Voyeurism


No idea.. you do get a lot compared to my area once you get out there .

Huge building programme along that corridor

Nah.. too far east for that.. some great places near Stansted on the market too. Lovely villages

As it happens how about this on freehold.. near that house

It's tempting me..

Check out this commercial property on Rightmove!
I had me tea in that pub about a year ago, it was canny. Got family that live round there.

I sat on the table in the foreground of photo 6.


this one is mental.

normal Semi on edge of Romford... tiki bar and nightcub

Check out this property for sale on Rightmove!

just noticed the tele coming out the ceiling in one of the bedrooms..

bloke must have had too much time on his hands
Either a single bloke who's a complete poser and has small man syndrome or a couple who won the lottery and don't understand taste.

I'd even hazard a guess at an over-rich footballer type just into the start of his career, looking at the lack of taste in some rooms.

I'd say single bloke as there's no woman's touch about the place.
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Dun Scathach

It was on Rightmove until recently.

POA. Can someone apply? It’s far enuff away to not have to gan to the match all the time but handier for it than London.
£1.3 million initially, reduced to £1.1. Offer was accepted at £950k but fell through.

£1.3 million initially, reduced to £1.1. Offer was accepted at £950k but fell through.
Also, for a house of that type, you’ve got more neighbours than you would like close by. Many of whom on short term rental through the Salvin/Morritt estates.
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