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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Epping, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. errant

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    i don't like it... location looks nice but a pain in the arse for the car - guess you're kinda handy for durham station...
  2. monkeytassle

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    I wouldn't pay a million for it that's for sure
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  3. Jasper

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    I had me tea in that pub about a year ago, it was canny. Got family that live round there.

    I sat on the table in the foreground of photo 6.
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  4. Sir Lancelot

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  8. Julio_legend

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  9. Kevj

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    If you can afford that home, you can simply burn your servants when it’s a particularly cold day.
  10. Lukas73

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    Throw another peasant in the fire
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  11. Ashley In!!

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  12. riffraff

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  13. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    Underfloor heating.
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  14. yyy

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    Either a single bloke who's a complete poser and has small man syndrome or a couple who won the lottery and don't understand taste.

    I'd even hazard a guess at an over-rich footballer type just into the start of his career, looking at the lack of taste in some rooms.

    I'd say single bloke as there's no woman's touch about the place.
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  15. Dun Scathach

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    It was on Rightmove until recently.

    £1.3 million initially, reduced to £1.1. Offer was accepted at £950k but fell through.

    Also, for a house of that type, you’ve got more neighbours than you would like close by. Many of whom on short term rental through the Salvin/Morritt estates.
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  18. JJH

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    should of been more careful :)
    I'll try again
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