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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Epping, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Why are there no curtains? Just curious!
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    Nice living if you can knock 1 a quarter.
  3. No idea.. you do get a lot compared to my area once you get out there .

    Huge building programme along that corridor

    Nah.. too far east for that.. some great places near Stansted on the market too. Lovely villages

    As it happens how about this on freehold.. near that house

    It's tempting me..

    Check out this commercial property on Rightmove!
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  5. Good questions...

    Here is a snippet from Kelvedon Parish Council:

    In October 2001 Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon suffered from significant flooding.
    In 2006 we commissioned a study to explore whether a scheme would be viable for the villages.
    Since then, in May 2012 and February 2014 the villages have experienced further flooding.
    The study demonstrated that the cost-benefit ratio for this area was low, resulting in options which were too expensive to fund through Flood Defence Grant in Aid (FDGiA) money.
    The study highlighted the need to complete a hydrological model of Robin’s Brook, a “Main River” under our jurisdiction before considering a future scheme.
    This work was completed in 2013 allowing us to do further investigation.

    Looking at the map 'Robin's Brook' is a boundary on the east of the property...risky?
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    Sell your house n property empire n buy em both. Mebbes sell some land at the far end of the house garden and pub garden to a builder. Sorted.

    Good work. Epping hold the property empire sale.
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    My target is to knock out 2 a month. Granted not all at that price range... but 25 deals by years end and I'll do Christmas in Sunderland to celebrate.
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    Asset Appreciating Asset
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    It's vacant for a start, and secluded with no street lights in the vicinity. That and the fact that a lot of rich white folk out here don't do curtains.
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    Have you seen the price of made to measure curtains man
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    Best of luck. Aye I was meaning one of those a quarter plus your smaller ones.
  12. Selling it cheap because the owners were sick of being robbed by shotgun wielding Pikeys
  13. I'd love to but I'm realistic.. happy where I am but would like more apace
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    Looks piping hot and full of horses imo.
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  18. I love that street! One a bit further down was on the other side of the road was up for sale a while back and it had two massive bay windows with stunning views of the Cathedral. Sadly I didn't have a spare million kicking about to buy it though.

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