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  1. Clearly owned by a footballer. :lol:

    You wanna see the pics of houses out here. The Spanish haven't got a clue about decluttering. They seem to put as much stuff in as possible. Washing machines in random rooms, tops of cupboards rammed with stuff etc. :lol:
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    Rads stick out like sore thumbs in auld houses like that.

    Reet rads there.

    The black n white floor tiles will have to go. Plus the timber floors too dark so it’ll have to go anarl even if it’s hardwood which I’m not sure it is. Is that a realistic price for Whitburn?

    It’s a fashion thing atm. Popular with people who think they’re young lovey dovey couples in Hollywood movies living in California beachside properties or Manhattan penthouses.

    I like the one in Devon with the library for 17000 books. It’d mean I could empty the loft of our books n my CDs n dvds.

    Good spot.

    It’s a retirement shed. Dunno what anyone would do for work round there? I worked in Scotland 30 yrs ago and the houses were stunning for the prices then the local lads ask you what you’d do for work? Fuck all for miles and poor wages if youd find owt. Different now with tinternet and working from home I suppose?

    Hppy New Year marra.
    Best one so far. Is it Tom Contis daughters? Seems cheap tbh. What on Earth is Braintree Freeport Station?
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  4. Freeport is an outlet place like Dalton park. Obviously has its own station these days.. getting a bit further outin Essex bere
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    Aaaah. I was thinking it was on the estuary there for a minute and I’d had it mixed up with somewhere else round Chelmsford n Colchester way for 30yrs.
  6. The town it is in is lovely though .coggeshall
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    Should be "Live, laugh, love"
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  11. Not of land, swimming pool and a tennis court
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    I don’t quite understand what you mean by “not of land” but it’s got 5 acres, paddocks and stables as well as a swimming pool and tennis courts (these may be inclusive of the 5 acres) but I’d say that is ample for anyone who’s not a farmer.
  13. Meant to say a lot of land
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    Ah ok, it’s a belter.
  15. riffraff

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    Why is it so cheap for the SE? Flood plain? New road coming? Houses to be built on adjoining land?
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    It's not rightmove, but I showed this one to a client yesterday and will be putting on offer together this week. About an hour from NYC. This would cost you right around a million quid.

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    On the flightpath of Stansted maybe?
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    Thanks Karen, smart gaff.
  19. Goat Eyes

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    What’s your commission?

    Nice place.
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    I stand to make 2.5% of the final sales price before taxes.

    lol. Karen is the listing agent. I get to work with the buyer. Different process out here.
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