Right. Own up. Dirty bastards. Who dunnit


Central Defender
Truckers lemonade, the central reservations on dual carriageways and motorways are littered with it.
we have a quiet road round the top of our small estate, loads of lorries park up overnight, and guess what, loads of pop bottles filled with yelow liquid lying around.
We live on the edge of an industrial estate where they all park up weekends, often find a carrier bag in the bins tied with knot, dorty bassas but at least they're not shitting in the street.
Public conveniences closed? Because of austerity?
Shops and cafes closed because of lockdown?
So nowhere to go but a bottle? Could keep it till they got home though.
Austerity yes, if we go back a bit further, they began to close in earnest in the mid 70s and 80s. Daft lads vandalising them and about the same time as the rise of the druggies. Not defending it and never defend the tories but that is how I observed things. Of course, a young lady like you wouldn’t be expected to know that. Would you use one at this time?


European HGV drivers , look at the state of the lay by heading west on the A1231.

A health hazard , stopped us having our regular dogging sessions there.
Same here, was a canny active lay by tbf, gave up dogging now and selling all my dogging gear on ebay, aint sold yet, but have 67 watchers :eek:


Full Back
We have a non permit road runs adjacent to mine in a nice leafy area. It's absolutely covered in pop bottles filled with piss. I assume it's uber drivers bit not sure. Who does this here? Pisses in a bottle and hurls it our of the window?
Most people who work outside and travel have to do this, most will empty the bottle if they can, lorry driver, taxi's, construction and maintenance workers due to the lack of public toilets are force to do this as urinating in public is an offence. A change in the law now means you must allow people delivering or working on your property to use your toilet it be could worse your Waitrose delivery driver could have left skid marks on your toilet pan