Ricky Gervais Afterlife

Discussion in 'SMB' started by jacko100, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. daveydavey

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    I thought it was brilliant, I'm not here to argue why it's just my opinion. I see bits of myself in Tony through personal circumstances in my life, and it was nice to have a character I could relate to.

    I thought the end of episode 4 , through episode 5, was brilliant TV. Had a tear & a laugh in most episodes.
  2. Me as well, one person dissecting it who thought Arctic Monkeys latest album was amazing (wtf) and someone else arguing that there were too many staff in the office for a free newspaper ffs!

    Thought it was sentimental but so fuck, it struck an almighty chord with me
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  3. Wearson

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    Never mind arguing about Gervais, this series poised some very relevant and pertinent questions ....

    Daphne or Emma ?

    See , a lot of Gervais’ work has a number of levels to explore ;)
  4. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    I thought the visualisation of the heroin experience at the end of episode 2 was phenomenal. As he lay back on the sofa onto his (dead) wife’s lap as she stroked his hair. If you can never get your head around why people fall into opiate addiction.....that’s it, right there.
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  5. Finished it yesterday, thought it was superb. Loved the scenes with Penelope Wilton on the bench in the cemetery, not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear during one of them.
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  6. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    That annoyed me too - he takes heroin a bit and it has no lasting effect? :lol:
    Helps a junky die and isn't arsed :lol:
    Hoies cash around like it doesn't matter yet has a canny shit job :lol:
    So unrealistic
  7. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    Why would taking a little heroin have a lasting effect?

    It’s a piece of television, with good and bad bits. I don’t want realism when I’m searching for escapism through my television.
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  8. the dude

    the dude Midfield

    He's in Game of Thrones!
  9. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    You don't take heroin the become a junky the next day mate.

    He doesn't hoy that much cash around either.
  10. Walter White

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    I absolutely loved it me, would have it second behind the office. Think he’s done some cracking stuff over the years.
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  11. HeaderDownBrown

    HeaderDownBrown Midfield

    Life insurance for the wife obviously!
  12. Patrick

    Patrick Goalkeeper

    Humanity was fucking hilarious. Will defo be giving this a watch.
  13. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    Sounds ok this non-addictive heroin. Surprised it's not legal
  14. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    You're either being silly or ignorant. Not fussed either way.
  15. MackneyHackem

    MackneyHackem Midfield

    One of my favourite things about it that he smoked a bit heroin and then went to work the next day nee bother.
  16. Some Random Guy

    Some Random Guy Striker

    I do it all the time man, piece of piss
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  17. Gravyb0y

    Gravyb0y Midfield

    I loved it. Absolutely superb.
  18. Harry Angstrom

    Harry Angstrom Striker

    Was average at best, very poor for Gervais. IMHO.
  19. niknak_123

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  20. jedi_toaster

    jedi_toaster Winger

    I actually did like that. Most drug use in popular fiction ends in a huge downward spiral into addiction and life-wreckage. There are plenty of people that take drugs on a recreational basis and go about their lives with no bother. Obviously I’m not suggesting heroin is a good choice for the recreational user (it’s just a bit too moreish), but plenty of people are on opioid pain relief and manage to live normal lives.

    It’s a lazy trope in fiction.

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