Restaurants in Sunderland city centre

Booked in for Mumbai silk Friday iv been struggling a bit recently so nice to get out
Was there last night n food was superb.
Mrs mainly gets a korma n the owner recommended a similar dish to try which she did n was delicious.
There was a king prawn dish on the bill which we didn’t have which was soon rectified.
Finished off with a Cherry type shot brought to the table.
Hope ya keep improving marra n enjoy the night 👌🏼
Talking Italian food…. Went to Santinos last week and got a table easily. Once again foods a 8 out of ten.
Next door in Gabrielle’s was chocka.
I’ve been to Gabrielle’s twice and imho it’s possibly the worst Italian food I’ve ever had. Utter rubbish. And I’ve lived in Italy.

Anyone disagree as genuinely have no clue why it’s so popular. It’s not even cheaper.

Gabrielle’s was rank average 20 year ago and it’s got progressively worse ever sense. No idea how it gets custom
They’re not it’s another Asian place selling ramen and bao buns should open next week
I posted a few weeks ago that Church Lane was shut down and had my thread deleted by mods. It was never re-opening
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And you were wrong.
Completely different restaurant mate.
It was open on Friday.

New restaurant - ran by the same people as Mexico 70
Koji….walked past last night when coming out the Dun Cow and saw people in but thought was just staff training. Would have gone in for a bowl of ramen if knew it was actually open
Just a soft launch based on what they put on Instagram. Looking forward to trying it out, a great location
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