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  1. even so, you'd expect they'd search the direct route between the 2 houses, they just seemed to accept someone's word that he'd gone the back way. Of course her attitude didn't help at all and must have affected their thinking. I remember them getting a bit stick and thought they'd cover it at the end, how did the woman who found him spot the car ?

    drugs the route cause yet again though
  2. Son of Stan

    Son of Stan Winger

    It was fascinating when they were going off on tangents regarding his drug use etc - which was understandable. I can't believe he went to a barbecue with the intention of drinking and no one thought anything about him getting into his car - even if he went off in a hurry. I imagine the wife didn't want to be shown as she didn't come out of it well.
  3. Mr Whippy

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    The route he took (or the route that was highlighted on the program) had him leaving the party, heading down North Road, going down Burtree Lane before crashing through the roundabout on the direction back into Darlington (Faverdale). I'd assumed he was heading back home to Aycliffe...
  4. pavarotti1980

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    The problem was they didnt know the route as the missus kept changing her story as well as him driving back towards Darlington instead of home. By the time he was reported missing he would have been dead a couple of days. It didnt go into how the women found the car which was a shame. would have tied a couple of loose ends up. It also wasnt referred to IPCC so unlikely to hear much more about it
  5. bmp1970

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    Didn't understand why they couldn't tell the truth, it wasn't as if the wife was going to get into trouble for giving him a clip or him for driving bladdered.

    How did they find the car in the end?
  6. safcsafc

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    Someone rang in saying they found it. That's the way I took it from the programme
  7. bmp1970

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    Ah right remember the call now.

    Wonder what they were doing in dense undergrowth in the middle of a busy roundabout!
  8. BIG BAZ

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    That's what I couldn't fathom...all routes onto that roundabout are treacherous to say the least....The fuck someone doing on there in the first place is crazy?
  9. bmp1970

    bmp1970 Midfield

    The only thing I could think of they spotted the tyre tracks which were still visible..

    He didn't put his brakes on so might have deliberatley drove in there or he was that pissed he didn't see the roundabout.
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  10. pavarotti1980

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    if the wife reported him missing with accurate information they may have found him sooner. 3 days later then a pack of lies is just plain weird
  11. true but the route they searched was very convoluted ( the fact he usually went that way suggests he might have drove pissed regularly ) then when they got the cctv they walked along the A68 but obviously not as far as the roundabout
  12. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    but he crashed coming back the other way as though heading back to Darlington
  13. he didn't did he ? I thought it was the end of the A68 at Burtree heading out of Darlo
  14. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

    Yeah it was southbound on the A68. the clip on the BBC had the police cars parked next to the Newcastle/Durham A1 (N/B) sign
  15. you're right, he must have decided to head back ? I bet they did search from Darlo to the roundabout then... but not all around it
  16. bmp1970

    bmp1970 Midfield

  17. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield

  18. bmp1970

    bmp1970 Midfield

    Ignore that he took a full sign out only the pole remained on the ground..
  19. janey

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    About a bloke with dementia tonight :cry:

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