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    Who knows what lies around the corner ...certainly medical science is moving at a good rate of knots in recent years and who better to have on your side than your own bairn. ;)
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  2. CatRyan

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    A doctor?

    Sorry. I really couldn't resist.
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  3. becs

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    I've been following this for a while. It's quite interesting:
    Crohn's MAP Vaccine

    There's loads going on at the labs next to Life in Newcastle for all sorts of diseases. It's a brilliant facility.
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  4. Fred Basset

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    Brilliant news, Becs.
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  5. Sir Lancelot

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    My daughter is heading to London tomorrow for this presentation on Friday about research in Crohn’s. She’s particularly interested in the fertility talks as that’s the main one that affects her.
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  6. becs

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    That looks canny interesting. Hope she enjoys it xx

    I'm convinced there is a link to IBD and the female hormone cycle. My crohns symptoms got worse around that time of the month. That's one of the reasons I'm hoping for a full hysterectomy as I think permanent menopause will keep it at bay.
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  8. CatRyan

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    I begged for a hysterectomy but they won't let me have one because of health implications it can cause later. I have had a really horrendous time of it with the menopause and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, then again my sister had no problems. My doctor said that's because my sister went into her menopause when she was meant to whereas mine was severely premature and had complications.

    so really be careful and look into all possible options

    inbox me if you want to talk about it xx
  9. Spennymackem1981

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    Crohns sounds awefull.... i wish you all the best...i get bad bloating and random days of constipation have had colonoscopy and endoscopy and the fuckers still cant find nout...and i know whats its like when i feel like ive had 3 sundays dinners when just had some soup and bread so god only knows how you deal with that...

    my mate nearly died with it lost so much weight...

    anyways hope it all goes well x
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  10. pavarotti1980

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    You are right, it is fairly well recognised that crohns/colitis/ibd symptoms are exacerbated during menstrual cycle
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  11. becs

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    Have they said it could be IBS?

    I've had that since a teen. I had mebeverine tablets just to take when I needed it and I found peppermint oil capsules useful. You can get them in the chemist or a health shop.

    Have you done a food diary? Keep a note of what you eat, your mood and your symptoms and see if you can work out which foods or if it's something like stress causing it.

    Hope you get sorted out xx
  12. Gerrin Becs. Haway the remission, long may it continue.
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  13. Mackem Tommy

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    Great news.

    You seem to hear a lot more about Crohn’s disease now. Is that increased awareness or increased incidence or what?
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  14. CatRyan

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    to be honest apart from a snooker player getting it I only hear about it on here, but it seems to be pretty prevalent given the amount of posts on here about it
  15. I wasn't aware that could happen. Could explain why you're a radgie packet ;) X
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    Herring @becs
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  17. Spennymackem1981

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    they kind of mentioned IBS but i never get the shits more the opposite...ive been on meberine before like and did seem to was probably alot down to my lifestyle when i was working nights as my eating was aall over the palce and alchohol consumption was high...ive been away from nights 6 months now tho some days its fine and days like this week where ive been swimming alomst everday and eating a calorie controlled diet its been brutal i look like ive been smashing in kebabs all week
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  18. CatRyan

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    the hormone shit made me properly mental for a bit but we have found a good treatment solution now, for the moment anyway

    fingers crossed xx
  19. Spennymackem1981

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  20. becs

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    It's been kept in the dark a lot because it's embarrassing and people don't like talking about poo and bowels and stuff. That has a negative effect as many people I've spoken to just think it's a bit of an upset tummy and don't realise how seriously it can affect your whole body. There's been a lot of work to make people more aware of it so sufferers can be supported and big campaigns like putting not every disability is visible on toilet signs to help people with this and other conditions access loos when they need to. Sorry if I have bored people talking about it like.
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