Remembrance Sunday -anyone doing anything?

Discussion in 'SMB' started by janiep, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. janiep

    janiep Striker

    We feel like we ought to get off our bums and go to the service for once. 6.30pm in our town.

    What about anyone else? There’s some amazing events on across the country.
  2. I'll be going up the village for 10:30. Road will be closed and the village will be out in numbers as usual, young and old to pay their respects.
  3. mcq10

    mcq10 Striker

    Normally go to the service in my local park.

    Not many old boys from WWll left now though.
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  4. The Exile

    The Exile Striker

    On parade.
  5. monkeytassle

    monkeytassle Striker

    Will be at the corner of Greenwich Park for the local service
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  6. zwartekat

    zwartekat Striker

    Ms Z is going to the morning service and then going to some event at Shields beach at teatime. I can't go to either but will be remembering anyway.
  7. Washy village green
  8. Small service at the flagpole in our village. Will pop along.
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  9. Doberman

    Doberman Striker

    Westoe Cenotaph for me.
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  10. Joe Public

    Joe Public Striker

    Doing as I do every year, walking along to Westoe Cenotaph with my wife and two kids for the service.

    Then there’s a firework display on doing the sea front in the night to commemorate the event.
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  11. Church 10.30 until 11.00 .
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  12. mycatsmackem

    mycatsmackem Central Defender

    Going to our local church with my daughter. She is in the cubs so will be at the front with her pack, while I’m squashed in at the back. It’s probably for the best as I usually get dust in my eyes.
  13. Heaton harriers memorial 10k for me
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  14. Big Sharp Teeth

    Big Sharp Teeth Striker

    My little girl will be taking part in her first remembrance parade with the Brownies. She’s seven and seems to be comprehending what it means properly for the first time this year.
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  15. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    You shouldn’t feel like that, just a thought of remberance at the right time is all that’s needed. Stay in where it’s warm.
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  16. Growler

    Growler Full Back

    I 'm saying nowt
  17. Two million voices

    Two million voices Central Defender

    Port Vale away.
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  18. TheWanderer

    TheWanderer Striker

    Might not make Mowbray Park this year, but will get over Roker for the portrait in the sand.
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  19. the boot

    the boot Midfield

    One of the best mate.
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  20. Aye. Only over the road from my gaff
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