Rees Mogg turned out for Remembrance Day


Unlikely, he is one of the ultimate political piss takers , ridiculously safe seat, inherited wealth , just a game to him and his ilk.
He did inherit wealth, married into even more and also made a mint himself..... soon to be multiplied up and then kept safe from corporation tax (wonder why he wants to leave The EU?!) but I agree strongly with the other sentiments and I’d also add that he is a colossal bell end.


I despise him and even more so the thick working class pricks who are about to put him and his like in control of the country.
Whoa, what's this artificial construct "working class, middle class, upper class" got anything to do with it? They are artificial titles made to make some feel better about their lives and others worse about theirs!
And yes, Rees-Mogg is an annoying prick to everyone

Hope this helps