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    Red Dead Online is coming out of beta today apparently, so there's going to be an update with new modes and content added, and most importantly, online poker
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    Does anybody have the official guide they're willing to part with? PM me.
  5. Bank Robbery Mission & Gang Hideout
    • Dappled Black Thoroughbred
    • Talisman & Medallion Gameplay Bonuses
    • Gameplay Boosts, Cash Bonuses & Discounts
    • The Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger Outfit

    Plus get free access to Additional Weapons in Story Mode.
  6. Doesn't seem very special.

    Is it worth the money people?

    @LadyMuck you're normally a decent judge. What you reckon?
  7. I'd say the game alone is worth that price, the extras are a bit meh tbh. The horse is great, the discounts come in handy early on but you don't need them as the game progresses. The outfit is purely cosmetic. Can't remember the perks for the Talisman. The free guns definitely are worth it early on cos guns are expensive and you don't have much cash or access to the good guns early on anyway.
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    @RossTheNinja This post echos my thoughts too!
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  9. Cheers. Just the 16 hours to download
  10. Rest mode. Did mine in 3 hours that way.
  11. It'll be the morning now anyhow but thanks for the tip
  12. The bit where you get pissed is absolutely class like.
    The hunting is good too.
    I accidently knacked a gunsmith and they sent about 100 lawmen after me, so I had to massacre them from within the shop as they walked in. This was tricky as my right trigger button isn't the best.
    My poor horse must be knackered. I must have rode across America by now.

    What's everyone called their horse?
    Dobbin is clearly the best name.

    Just had a Revenant moment but somehow managed to get my stab on then kill it with my shotgun.
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  14. Was class the Being John Malkovich bit when you're mortal.
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    The bit where you burn down the mansion as well, I think chapter 3?
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    Just finished chapter 6 last night. First game in a long, long time which has made me pine for the hours long uninterrupted sessions of old.

    Feel a bit empty, although I have the epilogue to go. Didn't do everything I wanted to do or even close. After Guarma though, all the quests etc seemed irrelevant for me - it just became a race to get to the end.

    I get the criticisms, but for me it is the perfect game. Tough one for people like me with limited play time but I love ridiculously in depth, slow games. Only problem is I now want to play through again, only this time with Arthur as a bastard.
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    The only thing I found at fault was the endless horse riding to get from place to place and having to tap the same button relentlessly to do so. Brilliant game though, far better than the first which I could never complete due to each mission being too similar.

    Just downloaded it again over a month since I last played it to give the online a go. Is it any good?
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    cinematic mode
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  19. Online is rather boring imo.

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