Red Dead 2 - No Spoilers

Honest this game just gets better every time I play it. The poker riverboat mission is one of the best ones on any game for me.

Sad night though as my white Arabian horse was mowed down and flew into the river after colliding head on with a train.


I'm about 4 hours in and just can't get away with this.

I haven't seen a bad word around about it, but all i seem to do is fucking ride a horse. The characters a nightmare to control. The actual content is alright but it takes a fucking age to do anything of significance.

I'll stick with it, as I've spent £60 on it now. So want to to complete but not sure what all the fuss is about.


Found a git big heed while looking for dinosaur bones. Bit random.

Dinosaur bones would be absolutely impossible to find if not for a guide. Got them all but the reward was pitiful :neutral: