Red Dead 2 - No Spoilers

The first few hours shows you the ropes for the most part. Few tips....

Side missions are white, mains are yellow. Some whites will become available/unavailable depending on were you are in the main campaign.

Put you mask on before you start killing.

Sort your guns in the shops so you automatically have them when getting off the horse.
I've tried to do that a couple of times and never seems to work for me, does me head in


I keep returning to camp on a regular basis as I feel I’m supposed to. Is it completely necessary? Or am I just being an idiot?

Done a few missions now and had a couple of bounties on my head but only for coppers...nowt too wild! I’m trying to play like a nice person, but the temptation to rob and kill lone rangers is often too much and I cave.
It’s a comfort thing.


never played gta5 online, whats wrong with it?
I just found terribly dull and other people just tend to generally ruin it i.e. racing, heists, just walking around a map, there's always someone there being a dickhead. Not to mention the dreadful load times. Granted it can be fun with your mates but on your own it's a pile of shite.

Hopefully Rockstar do what they didn't do with GTA V and actually have DLC for single player rather than concentrating online.
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The main story - two weeks but I guess you could finish it much quicker if you didn't piss around like I did (but that's half the fun).
Did you hammer it each day? Im lucky to get an hour in most days. Gonna take me fucking ages as I also piss around loads too!