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  1. Lester1979

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    I’d say you’re missing out on what the game’s about if you don’t partake in the day to day style activities.

    On the whole they’re made as fun as they can be and they’re rewarding when you discover new things. I would never fish in real life but I spent a good chunk of time reeling in an 18lb monster the other night.
  2. mackemshaun

    mackemshaun Full Back

    i it is you'll have fun when you get there
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  3. silas80

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    Finished the story, was good, enjoyed it. Now just to 100% it.
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  5. andy78

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    Definitely worth crafting stuff. You'll get bonuses like 10% more time in dead eye, 10% more health, stamina drains 10% slower or being able to carry much more depending on what you craft.
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  6. Discopants91

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    Completely up to you bar the odd tutorial mission.

    I've finished the game no bother at all without doing any of that stuff, just gives you minor bonuses.
  7. He's back! And his videos are funny as. (Shirakko is the user on youtube)

    EDIT: He's now posted a video of him deporting a Mexican. :) Class.
  8. Jambezz

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    If anyone on PS4 completes this and wants rid, give me a shout.
  9. mackem1979

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    Just starting off.

    Tried to free a prisoner from a wagon but accidentally pointed me gun at him and he ran away. Tied him up but couldn’t take him into camp.

    Let him go and got a negative reputation thing I think!
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  10. JonnyJarman

    JonnyJarman Midfield

    Love just lassooing people and dragging them along for a while.
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  11. Walter White

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    Hogtie then and hoy them in the river, watching them get carried away by the flow is class :oops::lol:
  12. Blyth_Pirate

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    Tie them up and take them to the highest point you can find. You know the rest, Saddam sports
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  13. mackem1979

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    Can’t think why our lass ‘doesn’t like games like these’.
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  14. Blyth_Pirate

    Blyth_Pirate Central Defender

    It's a brilliant game, looking forward to multi-player.
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  15. LadyMuck

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    I keep returning to camp on a regular basis as I feel I’m supposed to. Is it completely necessary? Or am I just being an idiot?

    Done a few missions now and had a couple of bounties on my head but only for coppers...nowt too wild! I’m trying to play like a nice person, but the temptation to rob and kill lone rangers is often too much and I cave.
  16. andy78

    andy78 Striker

    I think a bunch of the side missions (the ones with white icons), particularly stuff like robbing houses or stagecoaches, only seems to show up when I am in camp.
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  17. young2077

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    I am still trying to upgrade to legendary satchel.

    Only thing I need is perfect puma, went to Old Harry Fen, and it doesn't spawn very regular and twice I got it the pelt was good and poor the third time it mauled me.

    Other 15 or so times it hasn't spawned, any ideas?

    Panther I meant and it spawned in front of me 1 min after this post with 3 stars. :D:eek:
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  18. silas80

    silas80 Winger

    Playing 2nd epilogue now

    They're really drawing this out. Feels overly long and a bit tedious following the dramatic end of Arthur's story. I would have preferred for Arthur's story to be longer. Arthur>John.

    Not really but I did the same as it makes sense as a lot of the missions start there. Plus it's good opportunity to stock up on the essentials, food, ammo etc.

    My tip is not to put that much in the petty cash and really don't bother decorating it.
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  19. dixonsafc

    dixonsafc Striker

    Just bought this today, had a free Saturday. The bastards taken about 2 hours to get to 28% downloaded.

    Anything to consider for a knacker who doesn’t know what he’s doing starting a new game?
  20. payne

    payne Midfield

    The first few hours shows you the ropes for the most part. Few tips....

    Side missions are white, mains are yellow. Some whites will become available/unavailable depending on were you are in the main campaign.

    Put you mask on before you start killing.

    Sort your guns in the shops so you automatically have them when getting off the horse.
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