Recycling is wrong

Discussion in 'SMB' started by maygo, Mar 19, 2019.

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  3. Harry Angstrom

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    Our love of convenience is the problem.

    The cows wouldn't last two minutes without us.
  4. Yankee Mackem

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    Forever is a pretty big statement like. Does this include this statement as well? In that case if the statement is wrong then the statement that it is wrong is incorrect , which means the statement that its wrong is wrong. The binary truth leading to a contradiction.

    If the statement is true, then the statement is wrong, but if the statement states that it is wrong, and it is wrong, then it must be true, and so on.
  5. What A Waster

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    Bit early to be scoffing mushrooms mind
  6. Yankee Mackem

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    Not sure its ever too early to be fair.
  7. Its not like. Its a good alternative to just burning stuff.

    I was pretty shocked that a journalist didnt already know that it was a wasteful, energy intensive, process and somehow had assumed for 2 decades that it was cheap and 100% efficient and would actually have the ignorance to write an article as if they were presenting some kind of new and amazing information. Then I saw the picture and looked at some of her other articles. She's some sort of lifestyle correspondent who might be well advised to keep telling people what the best bag for life is this week or what present is best for a female friend for whatever the holy fuck 'galentines day' is.

    Not using plastics is obviously best. It would be nice if people would stop using single use plastics. Recycling is not a cure all. None of this is new information and people should definitely keep recycling shit.
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  9. The Butcher

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    Why dont they force companies to use recyclable/degradable materials for every day products and packaging. Will never happen as we all know the reason. You just have to walk about ateas and see the amount of plastic shite lying about in undergrowth and trees. Disgusting.
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  10. Lexingtongue

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    Just seen a cow eating a plastic bag. Not sure if that's relevant to this conversation much, but there you go.
  11. AB22 Easy Tiger

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    You lot are miles ahead of the US on this front. Disposable, single use plastic is everywhere here. (TX) Nobody seems to give a fuck.
  12. Keawyeds

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    Look who's in charge. Of course they don't give a fuck.
  13. And shit and die.

    I find it a bit rich coming from a newspaper that wont biodegrade inside a landfill. Burning things is a much better solution anyway.
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  14. And that why we're pissing in the wind.
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  15. JL1985

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    The way China and India are polluting the world it makes no odds what the U.K do unfortunately.
  16. Uncle D

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    It won't be long before we get plastic from wood, everyone's safe.
  17. This. And the USA.
  18. SteveB

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    Our world is over populated . It all start by someone running out of food. And continue horribly from there .
  19. Fred Secrets

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    Was it a bag for life?
  20. Bring back wooden dildos!!!!

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