Recommend me a series to watch

Fast running out of series to watch with Mrs P (no)

We’ve done Gangs on London, Bulletproof, Harlots, The Fall, few real life mafia series on Netflix etc, but we’re struggling to find owt now.

Any suggestions?


The op gave a clue on the bunch he has watched tbf. He’s certainly not 5....🤦
There’s no point asking on here. The person answering chance to be an absolute halfwit or even worse be into marvel or summat.
Well, I’ve said I have a Mrs, and I’ve given people a selection of previous series I’ve watched for context.

And given that I’ve had a large number of sensible replies before you waded in, I would say there was a point.

I’d just have a mooch mate. Too many different types of people on here to take advice like that