Reclining your seat on a plane

Discussion in 'SMB' started by tunstallhill, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Out of interest how does the op know he’s Jewish? A religious Jew would not be flying on a Friday afternoon/evening (unless of course the op is in a very different time zone).

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    I was at a national trust cafe/restaurant a few weeks back and a big mob of the twats had pretty much taken over the place eating their own sarnies, it looked they hadn’t even bought a drink in there. People actually buying stuff, outside in the rain or nowt
  3. Vinyl Score

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    Someone else had that idea 80 years ago, it didn't go well.

    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    Errr shaky ground here but it sort of went really well in that regard......
  5. I see . I never fly long haul . Spain's far enough for me . I never saw putting your seat back as a potential problem though . If the person in front puts his seat back, simply do the same . You maintain your frontal space and it's more comfortable . Some folk just love to whinge .
  6. Henry_Hill

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    Is the correct thing to do in my opinion, just sneeze over the guy in front he’ll soon move his seat
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  7. Should be spending most the flight joining the mile high club anyway...
  8. You posting to a Muslim lady Boris?
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  9. Put lion's shite under his hat.
  10. Harry Angstrom

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    Are you a number of Momentum?
  11. Beery

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    This is how they created the settlements
  12. Connery73

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    Worst type of humans. can’t decide whether this or the scrum at baggage reclaim is my least favourite thing about holidays.

    To solve the baggage reclaim thing I revive they should just electrify the 2 meters closest to the belt, and if you stay in that zone for more than 5 seconds you get a few thousand volts sent through your body.
  13. Beery

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    I hate travelling during the holidays - another one for me is the bewilderment people have with going through the security. Had one fella a while ago go through several times as he had his keys, phone and wallet in him but only declared one thing at a time
  14. spot on

    its disgusts me and tells you all you need to know about the person

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    I hate it when people do it in front of me. I've never reclined my seat on a flight out of courtesy for those behind me.
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  16. Me neither , its the sign of a selfish wanker
  17. No Harry, just someone who has travelled beyond Jesmond once in a while and observed behaviour.
  18. Quench

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    All this seat reclining anguish can easily be solved by hiring or buying a private jet. Hope this helps
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    HANDSOME_DAN Midfield

    Bit of a kernts trick on short haul but on some routes you don’t know what flight they might have been on earlier, may have been up all night on a long haul and are desperate for some kip. Jet2 to Spain, bit diffferent
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  20. Boris Bear

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    I like his chutzpah

    Oy oy oy

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