Raising a pint to the lads around the world...

Discussion in 'Gold' started by redhawk, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. gizmoganzee

    gizmoganzee Striker

    In this sleepy village near Gloucester, they must've woke up from their post Sunday dinner naps wondering what all the screaming and shouting was all about! Woo hoo!

    What a fantastic day for SAFC fans and especially for all those die hards that travelled..a glass of red wine raised for them and me bonny lads..hic hic
  2. ab 65

    ab 65 Midfield

    Cheers for today, it will live long in the memory. From deepest darkest G-Town, England
  3. Pirate Jet

    Pirate Jet Winger

    Awesome performance by the lads today, from not so exotic South Shields.
  4. There all too old man Billy.
  5. rowley2

    rowley2 Winger

    What a fantastic thread. I'm from the relatively local location of the ceiling in County Durham as it happens, and I'm staying up there!

    So good to know that so many have enjoyed this day in so many places. This young team will provide other days if we can keep it together. ENJOY!!!
  6. OscarO

    OscarO Midfield


    and the lasses look happy about the Sunderland result!!!!

  7. tunstallhill

    tunstallhill Striker

    Ashbrooke seems just a little bit lovelier tonight. have it
  8. boydysafc

    boydysafc Midfield


    This is a very appropriate song for today
  9. Batdad

    Batdad Midfield

    Can I just say, brilliant to read this thread lads. If someone could send this to Benty that'd be great. All of the squad should read this. Fantastic. Tear in my eye..
  10. Allan R

    Allan R Guest

    From deepest north Derbyshire,still shell shocked--best wishes to every supporter at Sid James Park Who kept the faith and went to Stamford Bridge-well done lads! Come on MOTD2!
  11. rocky dennis

    rocky dennis Guest

  12. Vectis_Mackem

    Vectis_Mackem Central Defender

    I'm almost 60, supported the lads since I was 6ish...

    The best Ive ever seen, what a superb display.

    Exiled on the Garden Isle....

  13. Smartie

    Smartie Midfield

    Red wine in Copenhagen. Cheers lads.
  14. pablo casals

    pablo casals Midfield

    had a couple of strong galician ales in madrid this evening to toast possibly one of the greatest results since i was born, in 1973
  15. NickLad

    NickLad Midfield

    Participating from South Shields, England!!

    Absolutely enjoy it everyone. It's euphoric
  16. stubber

    stubber Striker

    Never seen a better away performance by the lads!
    Nissed as a pewt in deepest Norfolk. :-D
  17. Happy Stubber shocker!

    Fair play to you lad, on the way to newtland myself. Worked 12 hours today and was dreading it as most of the lads are Chelsea.....the game and some other good news turned this into one of the happiest days I've had in many many years!

    Get in!
  18. gizmoganzee

    gizmoganzee Striker

    Am ower the moon like my lass is wondering why I'm not coming to bed just yet! I'm ganna love MOTD2 tommora like. somehow this feels better than other past away victories at Stamford Bridge. Wish we would work this hard all the time and play with this much confidence, unbelievable like GERINNNN yer bugger!!!
  19. tremendous stubbs lad.....:lol:
  20. Finners

    Finners Full Back

    Raised glass from here in Durham (probably a few to be fair!).
    Proud as punch!
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