Raising a pint to the lads around the world...

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Many glasses raised together by the SMB Edinburgh - watching in ecstatic wonderment in the Globe. A one-sided game - heroes to a man. :)


Oslo Mackem

working my way through the drinks cabinet in Oslo.... what a performance!

Haway the lads!

swede testing

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Raising a pint from Hallstahammar Sweden.

Dedicating the win to those travelling fans that makes me as proud as the lads did out on the field today week in and week out.

You are so much worthy of this.

Enjouy your travelling home to the north, be safe, and keep on singing yer hearts out for the lads

We are Sunderland


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Rather nice bottle of red dissappearing a lot faster than I'd anticipated in Accra, Ghana....

And a big vote to the away support.... could hear you loud & proud on the telly!!:lol:

Ranking Rupert

Bristol represent.

Tories 0 Students 1 and Chelsea 0 Lads 3. What a thoroughly enjoyable few days


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And there is many a happy mackem in New Zealand today. Might just blow off work today and go to the pub.

Cracking match, so worth getting up early in the morning. I normally get a txt from a mate of mine whos a chelsea fan after playing them. Strange, no txt today so far, wonder why :lol: .
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FEw cans downed in the house now out for a few in the Palm Court in the heart of Aberdeens vibrant West End :-D


Brother's wedding yesterday - now this - what a weekend. Best result since 73? Thanks Lads - now come on KL - we know you're out there. Bath celebrating tonight!


Fantastic, Peace and Love to all of these posters all over the world, from the 'Stork Road Bar' (Mine and Mrs Sandman's flat, Forest Gate, London E7)


Here's to the mackem diaspora,

A round on me after you lot who got on the thread ahead of me have paid for yours, brilliant day here in California, and the sun is shining as well.


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sinking a couple in ambleside cumbria tonight, fantastic day,its a long time since ive jumped about like that and im 45:oops:

well done to all associated with safc
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