R.I.P. Philomena Lynott

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Vinyl Score, Jun 12, 2019.

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    RIP, and thanks for Philip.

  4. Sad news indeed. A great lady. Met her during the unveilng of Phils statue in Dublin August 2005.
    She will join her son up there in heaven and he will probably greet her with that sheepish grin of his .
  5. :)

    I truly believe we go to a better place like
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    Thanks Philomena.
    My favourite.
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    Used to run an after hours bar in Manchester back in the 60s iirc.
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    RIP Philomena

    Great tune and some iconic images on that video.
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    RIP a remarkable woman and what a quality son she produced.
  10. Watched a couple of really good documentaries a few years ago featuring her talking about Phil and her life.
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    Never really listened to them. Obviously I’ve heard them. I’ve tongue in cheek took the piss on here like. Is there a particularly great album by them?
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    Saw them at the mecca
    Great gig
  14. The sad thing is that Phil could have been a megastar if hed lived his life the right way. Hes always been one of my heroes as Lizzy were my favorite band growing up in the mid/late 70s.....however therewas still so much more for him to achieve in his career imo....and his mum possibly felt the same......but the fact that there still is always stuff going on to remember him to this day must have made her very proud...she herself had plenty to be proud of too

    Yeah....there have been a few already ....but certainly the Freddie and Elton movies have opened the door to what should be a definitive one on Philo
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  15. I think part of his attraction was that he DIDN'T live his life in the 'right' way - most rock stars 'need' to have a dangerous edge.
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    i'd say that it wouldn't have the box office success that the other two have and with that in mind, might struggle to raise the funds. to counter my point though :lol: the ian dury one, wasn't too bad and look who played his part. ;)
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    Live and dangerous is the greatest live album ever released.

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