Quiz: How many of today's pop stars can you recognise?


10/15 but a lot were guesses or a process of elimination from remembering the answers to the previous questions. Hadn't even heard of a lot of the answers. Maybe got 3 from actually knowing the answer.

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4/15, achieved mainly by randomly prodding the screen in resigned bewilderment. I'd not even heard of most of them. How's there a pop star just called "Dave" ffs? I'm turning into my dad, man.
Was it the channel on the telly when he was conceived?
11/15, but 5 if it wasn’t multiple choice and 3 if I hadn’t watched Glastonbury.
Good point I would have got 2 without multi -choice.


4 lil thing lad because of him on twitter, scot lad because he's chewbacca, every lass is Jesse gything and another guess that wasn't dave the Builder. I feel like grandpa Simpson