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Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by Short, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. Short

    Short Subs Bench

    Hi Lads, I'm a Newcastle fan and I just wanted to pop over to ask you some questions before the match. I'm from a popular NUFC fan site and this seems like the perfect Sunderland forum to take part in our pre match build up that we do each week. The questions are:

    1 - How do you think you’ll line up?
    2 – How was Sunderland’s summer? Are you happy with the transfer deals done?
    3 – Were you pleased that Di Canio was sacked? Is Gus Poyet the right man going forward?
    4 – Do you have any talent coming through your academy? Who are the ‘ones to watch’?
    5 – Who should we watch out for / who is your biggest threat?
    6 – Which of our players do you consider to be our biggest threat?
    7 – What is your prediction for Sunderland this season?
    8 – How do you think Newcastle will do this season?
    9 – Scoreline prediction?
    10 – If your football club was a fruit, what fruit would it be?

    Thanks for doing this!
  2. Andy™

    Andy™ Striker

  3. filfy

    filfy Midfield

  4. Gan fist yer Da. Cheers
  5. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    dont think you get many answering the questions mate
  6. Pirate Jet

    Pirate Jet Winger

    ur welcum bbz xxx
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  7. superdougle

    superdougle Midfield

    Is that you joe.
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  8. Short

    Short Subs Bench

    The best replies will be added to a blog post which will appear on newsnow if that's any incentive
  9. MalcolmX

    MalcolmX Winger

    is it sponsored by the Racing Post ??
  10. Go stick your ugly Geordie head up your stinking Geordie arse
  11. Duncan Disorderly

    Duncan Disorderly Central Defender


    This will be good.
  12. Short

    Short Subs Bench

  13. lemur

    lemur Midfield

    Fuck off you horrible horse punching sister shagging XXXL replica top wearing kernt
  14. st joes lad

    st joes lad Striker

    aye its me lol
  15. MalcolmX

    MalcolmX Winger

    ah mate you should have said that in your first post- makes all the difference that
  16. Shikari SAFC

    Shikari SAFC Central Defender

    A question for you too... Have you ever seen a mackem punch a horse?
  17. TimBirch

    TimBirch Winger

    1. On the pitch.
    2. Great until the football started.
    3. He's been sacked! :eek:
    4. Only the cheerleaders.
    5. Dirty Bristow.
    6. Clattermole.
    7. Shite.
    8. Go bankrupt.
    9. We''ll knack yer
    10. Kumquat
    11. Fuck off and die.
  18. Fuck right off you black and white bastard
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  19. seaham ftm

    seaham ftm Midfield

    Fuck off.
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  20. monty79

    monty79 Striker

    Fuck off Ellis.
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