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Discussion in 'SMB' started by cluffy, May 16, 2018.

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    I noticed that. It’s uncanny.
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    Looks class
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    Roger Taylor is the drummer. He and May continued Queen under various line ups.
    I saw them at the arena with Paul Rogers and thought they were poor.

    John Deacon, the bass player, only played a couple times after Freddie Mercury died. I don't really think it's May having an issue, he's just uber chummy with Taylor.
    They should have all wrapped it in IMO.
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    Because he originally landed the part.
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    Did his massive bonk-on get him the role?
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    @mini-x2 will be hyperventilating with this news, he loves Queen's.
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    they're a much better tribute band with lambert upfront imho...
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    Naaa. Cohen wanted to delve in the hedonistic debauchery that most likely contributed to Freddie's demise, whereas the band wanted a more family orientated film that would highlight the good times. I think it's quite understandable from May and Taylor's viewpoint. They wanted a film to entertain and celebrate the history of the band, not a warts and all exposé on the real life perils of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

    I saw that Bryan Fuller accusing the trailer of "hetwashing" Freddie's life - what an arsehole.

    Only seen footage but he's a good fit like - look really good. Me mate went to see them and loved it. I wouldn't have minded it myself but (re-sale) tickets were extortionate.

    There's no issue, and it's not that he's uber chummy. Deacon just wanted to retire from the music end of the band. He's still involved financially, but without Freddie he took retirement.

    I don't quite agree with the idea that they should have wrapped in to be honest. May and Taylor were a huge part of a huge band, they love playing, and the public love to see them play, so why should they just go home and not do it anymore because their mate died? If I was Brian May I'd be gutted if I thought I couldn't walk out on stage again and rip out the solo to Don't Stop Me Now or We Will Rock You. Why should he just pack that it? It's their legacy as much as it's Freddie's or Deacon's. As long as people like it and want it then why not. Sod any bugger else.
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  10. Totally true, yes. I was very miffed.

    I think the film would attract more ticket sales if the film focused on Freddie and the band. If people knew that it would be a more PG orientated film then that would encourage more people to come with family and loved ones than a film about his parties and stuff. We know the hedonistic like he had. We don't need it telling. That area may attract the more hardcore Queen fans. But everyone will be going to see it. Not just Queen fans. What we need telling however is how else he lived his life with the band. How Queen was away from the cameras. That I think is more insightful.
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    Despite what you might read whenever Queen are mentioned on here. Queen were so much more than Freddie Mercury and Freddie said so himself on many occasions. All 4 at one time or another embarked upon solo projects and considered leaving the band, all realised that this would have been a mistake. Roger Taylor - "It's like coming back to Mother". Freddie Mercury "Why kill the goose that laid the golden egg". It is therefore right and correct that the movie reflects the story of the entire band and not that of an individual.

    I have grave doubts about the movie personally, but the trailer has gone some way to reducing those doubts.
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    What’s Uncle Peter on about now the senile old twat?!?

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