Put a flat earthier into space


But on your map they don't just ring the earth, go back to the map I posted of 2 dots on a single unbroken body of water which starts at the low level uninhabitable, unpenetrable ice ring and still exists at the higher level near the uninhabitable, unpenetrable, unobservable, made of crystal, heat/sound/cold/light/sun/moon/stars generator is.
Or are you saying on that map that those 2 dots are at the same level even though one is clearly at the top of the slope no matter how gradual or long that slope is?
Yes because I'm trying to tell you not to take the diagram as being as severe as that. If you can't get this into your mind then I don't see what else I can say on this.


I'm still waiting for you to explain what gravity is.
You seem to spend too much time attempting ridicule instead of answering.
OK. Let's boil this down to a level my 2y old understands.

Put a drop of water on a window on earth What does it do?

Pit a drop of water on a window in the iss what dies it do?

Pls answer
Yes. It's the force exerted by a body of mass which is why everything you see is spherical.

Do you think the moon is a disc?
Lets go back 100 pages.

He doesn't believe in gravity.
He doesn't believe in space.
He doesn't believe in the sun.
He doesn't believe in the moon.
He has no evidence these things don't exist,
His 'musings' are just personal thoughts of which he has and offers not proof.


What force does a body of mass produce?
Can you explain what's happening?
And nothing is entirely spherical in nature.

Nope. The moon is a reflection, what you see in the sky. In my opinion.
So why in your universe are the sun, moon etc portrayed as spheres (circles) if it’s not natural?


So why in your universe are the sun, moon etc portrayed as spheres (circles) if it’s not natural?
That's just what we see over distance.
That's down to our eyes.
And the moon image is concave not convex. It also inverts as the reflection moves over the dome.
Reflections don't exist. There's absolutely no proof of them.
No problem. You'll just have to question them and go on that.