PS5 v Xbox Series X

I am Boss

What price are we looking at on release? Xbox one X was £429 iirc so I'm guessing it'll be £499 at least

It's a toughy this time round. Probably xbox as I have more digital games than I do on playstation
I'm going to change my answer as since posting this I've realised I've not played a single Xbox exclusive since the Gears of War... On the 360 😒


I've been mainly Xbox since the first one but have owned various playstations.
Sony have had the better exclusives the last two generations but Xbox has the better services and controller.

As always they will be relatively close in spec and the answer is really what your group of mates use.

Though if either of them announce a launch port of HL Alyx I'll jump on it immediately. I can't be fucked spunking £500 or whatever on decent pc vr goggles.


No, but it will happen imo. There's a lot of rumours that From are working on it now.
Surely a game THAT good has to have a sequel, I'm still doing playthroughs five years on ffs 😎
Yeah I’d be very surprised if it didn’t happen.
Tried to play it. It’s not for me.