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Discussion in 'Games and games consoles' started by Town End Farmer Giles, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Recommend me an external hard drive for my PS4 please. Do you just pick your install location and download it there and play it from there? Is it seamless?

    Looking for maybe a 1Tb drive…..
  2. SAFC Wilks

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    Got a 2TB drive from Curry’s (delivered quick).

    Quite pricey but it means I don’t need to delete apps etc for storage purposes.
  3. Jarca

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  4. hefty em

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    Aye tis easy.

    I had a 1tb one kicking about the house, hoyed it on, formatted it from the PS4 and that was it iirc.
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    Just as easy to install a new drive in the PS4 I put a 1tb one in mine. Download the file off PS4 site onto a usb and reinstall the os. Saves having a drive plugged in all the time.
  7. Jarca

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    Only downside with the ps4 compared to the Xbox is you can only use 1 external hard drive. Hope they can patch it in to use multiple drives.
  8. jacko100

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    how many drives do you want, you trying to setup a server farm?!?
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