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  1. Dendinho

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    Hi chaps,

    After 2 new pairs of these for the kids for Xmas. Have only ever had £15 pairs but think will get them a better pair as these are intermittent. Budget around £70 each

    Cheers in advance.
  2. silas80

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    I'm still using the Sony Gold ones. I think they're great for the price. Few extra quid for the Platinum ones.

    Turtle Beach 600 have decent reviews too but I kind of went off TB after breaking a few just by taking them off. Seemed quite brittle.
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  3. Sony gold head sets are quality.
    Only gripe I have with them is they have a preset max volume and you can't go past that.
    Saying that the max is loud enough to hear everything, just would have preferred to have the choice myself.
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  4. Dendinho

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  5. I use the Sony gold as well. Think they are class, although have never used anything else for comparison
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  6. HoffTTM

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    Be careful with buying nice headsets that are originally for PC and merely compatible with PS4

    Often times headsets designed with virtual surround won't produce it when used on console depending on output, I'm not clear on the specifics but I have a Hyper X Cloud 2 on my pc that will only output stereo from PS4 and that is the case for a lot of headsets
  7. hefty em

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  8. tom90

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    Just seen this. There's a firmware update for the Cloud2 which gives you full compatibility and surround sound for PS4.
  9. Nig

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    The best headset ive ever had is the one I'm still using after about 2 years from Lidl for about £8 :D

    My lad has had loads of turtle beach and they are all made of chocolate.

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