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  1. still a good investment or better off keeping your money in the bank?
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  2. Charmless Man

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    People treating property as an investment rather than a place to live is quite problematic imho.
  3. dangermows

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  4. anth

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    Depends what you want to do with it and where your buying it. If your buying to do up and sell on then you need to be quite handy yourself or your profit will end up in the tradesman pocket instead, if your buying to let then you need to have trustworthy tenants or a lot of your profit will go in a renovation when they leave.

    I can see where @Charmless Man man is coming from too but as there is no law against it, you can afford it and your a little bit savvy then there is money to be made. i'd definitely look into it if you don't have a pension.
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  5. Not what I asked
  6. dangermows

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    Property is worth exploring, rates are still minging at the moment.
  7. Lambchops

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    Get a decent deal and still a good investment pip - ignore the twisty fuckers
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  8. doodlebugs

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    this all day long
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    With the interest rates as low as they are, if you can get a 25% deposit together its a great investment. Make sure the profit is used to pay off the mortgage and I'd imagine you could be on to a winner. Its a long term investment though, so project over a long period.
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  10. MonkeyLove

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    Depends what you buy.
  11. Was thinking about a house
  12. AndyGray1985

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    I'd be keeping it in the bank currently. Working as a professional investor for 15+ years
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  13. Diversification is key

    Or just buy fuck loads of bitcoin and come and live on the moon with the crypto crew
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  14. Charmless Man

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  15. Mackem00

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    Should only be allowed to own one house in this country imo.
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    You’re the reason @Frijj cant have his avocado toast anymore imo.

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    I absolutely despise avocados and people who eat them.
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    I'll buy him it everyday if he stops posting on here
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  19. solid old stock that can be divided to have at least 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for students is the winner.

    clean and simple
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  20. Lambchops

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    Was away with my mate who owns my old local - converted the upstairs and extended it to make 4 flats - printing money
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