Property if you were a billionaire

mad cyril

I’d have

big converted farmhouse around Corbridge way.

Appt in Knightsbridge

appt in the Marais Paris.

loft Appt east village New York.

Villa in Ibiza.


Id get this first

Get away up the lakes

Then this close to here - love how there are just pine trees at the end of the garden and no fence
Saying that for round here i would just build what i wanted and where
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Having white supremacists who want an all-white ethnostate round for tea and then saying that's lovely, let's do it again doesn't scream nice to me, even if he is superficially so in casual meetings.
He's always been nice to me on the phone but then again he only trades with me. His political beliefs aren't something I align with.

I make markets for him. I don't socialise with him.


Would have property throughout the world, difficult to know when to stop buying or when to rely on either exclusive rentals/hotels.

i’d look at islands in the Pacific/Caribbean, somewhere in the US/Canada/Europe for skiing.
Somewhere in Oz as a home and in the UK for a base when visiting, but again is it worth the hassle of keeping a place and only using it infrequently or are there better options in short term rentals with staff etc?

all completely hypothetical anyway, I’m not driven enough or corrupt enough 😊