Proof that McDonalds staff are thick as mince...


So I take the bairn in after school for a treat.
He wants a cheeseburger with no sauce or onions on.
I asked for a plain cheeseburger with nothing on.
Wait a few minutes as it’s plain and it has to be made to order.
Bairn gets his cheeseburger and bites into it.
Dad, Dad ... what son.
My cheeseburger hasn’t got any cheese on.
I go back to the till. Excuse me mate. The bairns cheeseburger has got no cheese on.
His reply.... you said you wanted a cheese burger with nothing on...
correct mate.. but where the cheese?
You said nothing on it so I put it through as a beef burger.
FFS mate if wanted a plain burger I’d have asked for a burger not a fucking cheeseburger with no cheese !!!
The lad still didn’t understand why I was laughing at him !!!
His boss had to come over and re do the order.
I got a free McFlurry out of it so was worth it in the end!!

I’m hoping Idris Elba will play me in the movie
That's why they work at McDonald's, and not at nasa.

powburn red

Same as KFC, they employ kids who don't give a shit, so you can't shout at them without being strung up like Jimmy Saville.
Cos not many adults would work in that environment for the money?ive never had owt but good service in the one in alnwick
Is this post deliberately ironic?
I thought irony had to be intentional ? I'm an expert on inglish like.

That’s the only McDonald’s where I’ve been so utterly fucked off with the service and product that I’ve actually sent an email to complain. I’m lazy as fuck so it takes a real problem to get me complaining, and I’ve worked in food and beverage before so I usually just put it down to a bad day and let them get on with it. Ironically, they’re so bad at customer service that they didn’t even respond to my complaint.
Messy eater ?
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