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Pride of the North East Awards

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Scotty 1978, May 18, 2017.

  1. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    I think they are starting to do this, he was invited to Hull, Boro and to Chelsea on Sunday and they declined the invitations.
    I agree completely with what you are saying, I understand why they chose to attend last night but looks like they are now cutting things back and being very selective in what they attend. He did look so poorly on Saturday
  2. Speedy1976

    Speedy1976 Midfield

    Lovely words from Gemma, saying Bradley accepts the award on behalf of ALL the sick children in the area, and the ongoing fundraising will help as many as possible.

    He's really really poorly at the minute, but still shows the heart of 100 lions to do what he does.
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  3. Speedy1976

    Speedy1976 Midfield

    It was, by his Mam in her speech!
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  4. MrLarson

    MrLarson Midfield

    This a thousand times over Speedy lad. Certain people fail to see how much attention and money bradley has brought to childrens cancer, especially neuroblastoma.
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  5. Hamwise

    Hamwise Midfield

    Fuck off you tedious knacker
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  6. Gideon Gungeon

    Gideon Gungeon Striker

    Inspirational little lad imo mate. deserves all the awards and recognition going mate
  7. Scotty 1978

    Scotty 1978 Striker

    Wouldn't even feel the need to answer to that bellend mate
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  9. SAFC Wilks

    SAFC Wilks Winger

    Spot on that.

    It's amazing how much awareness Bradley and his family have brought to us all about this illness and how much support he has received across the country.

    It's definitely time to give him and his family space though. I didn't see footage of him receiving the award so can't comment there but Swansea at home was the turning point for me, he looked in a bad way and had to be carried by Defoe and his dad; probably shouldn't have been there looking back on it. Let the lad have a lot of time off to hopefully get some energy back.
  10. ywcmackem

    ywcmackem Central Defender

    Let me explain to you. Illness in any child is hard especially when everything that is being done so far seems to be failing. Bradley, his family and close friends are doing everything possible to prolong his life. If they succeed I don't know but I for one really pray a miracle can happen.
    I had never heard of Neuroblastoma until it happened to Bradley This kid has hit every challenge head on and has become the unofficial face of Neuroblastoma charity. New medicines etc are being tried on this kid with the hope a cure is found. Hopefully a cure will be found that will cure all kids of this bastard disease. Bradley is at the forefront of a much bigger aim so let him receive all the accolades he deserves. His mother showed the class and dignity the family have by dedicating it to all children with cancer.
    I don't know Bradley or his family personally but I am in total awe of their strength. "Only one Bradley Lowery"
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  11. Jocky

    Jocky Central Defender

    Don't try and patronise me again son!!!

    I only referred too what Mrs Lowery ended up rightly doing.

    My heart goes out to Bradley Lowery and all the other kids going through this terrible illness. Just think other kids should be having equal amounts of opportunities as well along with Bradley.

    I am not disputing at all that Lowery shouldn't be given exposure just saying other bairns should as well.

    Like I said to begin with it's nice that he's won. If you want to start being patronising to me, I can easily be patronising to you.
  12. ywcmackem

    ywcmackem Central Defender

    Son. I'm 50 year old and only man who had right to call me son died 20 year ago.
    I wasn't being patronising just having my opinion. Not once in my statement do I say your opinion is wrong. Just making the point that although Bradley is the figure head so to speak but it is all children who will hopefully benefit.
    My friends grandson is ill with cancer and the more exposure it gets and more money it gets spent trying to cure it the better. I'm not going argue over a very sick child with you. If you think I'm patronising you then I apoligise Dad.
  13. Hamwise

    Hamwise Midfield

    You're a waste of space man, post after post of utter shit.
  14. BoldonBlackCat

    BoldonBlackCat Midfield

    I was there last night and just watching Brad and Defoe was class.
    Defoe presented the award, Brad was desperate for Defoe to carry him - he got hold of him and was giving a speech, Brad stopped him and whispered "lift me bum up" - that was me gone like, proper welled up just watching them together, both legends.
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  15. Roker Mackem

    Roker Mackem Striker

    That's class :)
  16. Bladecat

    Bladecat Striker

    His parents have been absolutely fantastic every time I've seen them interviewed

    It would be so easy to be bitter or despairing, with a focus on life's unfairness, but instead they've been inspiring, focusing on the positive and making the most of the good things they can experience with Bradley.

    Whilst Bradley seems a fantastic kid, his mam and dad deserve awards too.
  17. Mackem DJ

    Mackem DJ Striker

    Northumbria police have tweeted to say they are investigating comments made about BL. The replies hint that its nufc fans too ffs
  18. ywcmackem

    ywcmackem Central Defender

    I've seen a tweet posted on Facebook from a so called NUFC fan. To be fair his own club have voiced their disgust at it. Lowlife scum.
  19. sima-hebburn

    sima-hebburn Winger

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