Premier League and FA Cup Final ticket prices


Spurs new ground. Category A prices: £58 to £98

FA Cup Final: Majority of seats well over £100

£45, £70, £115, £145, £250. Seats behind the goal £115.

Apparently they hiked the prices last season by 35%. Imagine Sunderland or Newcastle get there in the next two seasons, how many would go. Would you pay £115 plus travel for a basic seat for the FA Cup Final. You probably would, because Watford and City have both almost sold out but it's national disgrace and shows that the football authorities are not fit to run this game. They have no idea about the finances of football fans and obviously do not care.

There seems to be a massive divide now between the London clubs and London prices and the rest of the country.

Premier League away fan cap at £30 was fantastic. This needs to be replicated across football to include home and away fans,


That last bit is a pipe dream. Why do that when they can rape every penny possible out of its support.
I see how shit citys atmosphere is now, cants say I know but I presume one of the richest families in the world is pricing out their ‘old school’, how ironic.
Hard work supporting us at times but at least prices are sensible.