Predictions for the Swansea game

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Will be disappointed if Defoe doesn't get his customary hat trick at Swansea :)

Last season's game was crazy.

When they went down to 10 and then scored everyone was just looking at each other shaking their heads ....... walking out with a 4-2 was mad.

Defoe's grin could be seen all the way back to the car :lol:

It's a football forum, people discuss things. You sound so incredibly petty it's laughable. When I originally posted it was genuinely to help, but you derailed your own thread you utter helmet.

Christ you're dense

Helmet, dense ..... err, yeah cos it's my thread :lol:
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They'll see us as one of the sides they should be beating and be battling for their lives, we haven't turned any major corner just yet so it's a 1-1 for me.

Royal 8er

Fuck it for once am going to be positive
Swansea 1 safc 3
Swansea have been battered lately and they have the smallest and most un physical team in the league, and we are on a little roll.
With big jan and seb back/available and swansea having a very porous defence we should be quietly confident.
They can score goals mind so hopefully kone and papy reprise the solidity they showed against leicester.
1-0 to us but always happy with a point away from home


They're only two points behind us, draw, win, loss in the last three.

2-1 Swansea

We're not playing Newport.


Christ, the sav hit last night. Like we will go into it wanting to win but scrape a lucky draw and feel okay about it. At least thats what I think I meant. I dont really know.


That's OK, apparently the duck decided he knew better than you and answered on your behalf ;)
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