Predatory paedophile rings...with charitable status

Discussion in 'SMB' started by The King of Um, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Aituk7

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    Well as you are being so insulting, I will simply ask again,

    Why do you think so many muslim men are arrested for this crime..... go on... have a guess
  2. Mr.Thunders

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    I am being insulting because you are thick as whale spunk.

    Asian grooming gangs are a problem in society,but people like you seem to ignore that grooming and sexual exploitation is a serious issue with other demographics and just focus on brown muslims.

    Notice you dont offer a theory on why "Catholics" in this case abused kids?
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  3. Boz33

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    Fuvking hell, I've no time for the likes of charlton etc, but to say that shit is a bit much like, massively out of order there fella
  4. riffraff

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    My first week in London back in 1983 the lads on site were talking about a lad they knew. He'd been at a kids home in Barnes area west London.............. I asked " do the police know?. "Who do you thinks doing it" was the reply
    35 fuckin years ago.
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  5. Churches are full / were full of dodgepots, in many guises, kiddy fiddlers were rampant (probably less so these days).
  6. Aituk7

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    :lol: Notice there are no catholic grooming gangs... if you want to discuss that I'll happily tell you I agree
  7. Mr.Thunders

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    No just the white groomers discussed here ya billy charlton cock sucker:lol::lol::lol:
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  8. There will have been Catholic grooming gangs / paedophile rings without a shadow of a doubt. In the church staff, along with church goers and others.
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  9. Aituk7

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    Sounds like you've had previous, unlucky.

    I'm not saying there wasn't. This guys just on a windup ;) bless him.
  10. Okay.
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  11. JonMc

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    Not gangs as such. At times though the priesthood have behaved more like a grooming syndicate. But they are Italian based.
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  13. Outlaw Pete

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  14. Mr.Thunders

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    White nonces are class @Aituk7
  15. Aituk7

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  16. Kid Galahad

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    What's the point of this six year rule? Abuse is abuse no matter when it took place and why should schools or councils get away with stuff that the likes of Rolf Harris didn't?

    Dodgy Tory fingerprints all over this one? :cool:
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  17. WHD

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    He's fucking weird mate. Ironically he's got the nerve to call others thick. Apparently if you understand CEOPs classification of type 1 & type 2 abuse you are racist and/or uneducated.

    CEOP have got it wrong you see , abuse is abuse and there's no difference between any victims/perpetrators at all.
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  18. r@mside

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    You can't claim to understand anything in the CEOP report because you lied about having read it and you continually refer to the grooming gangs as Muslim despite there being no reference to Muslims in it.
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  19. WHD

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    :lol: I lied about reading it?

    Try again :

    "The 27 court cases that we found led to the convictions of 92 men. Some 79 (87 per cent) were reported as being of South Asian Muslim origin"

    FactCheck: what do we know about the grooming gangs?
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  20. Mr.Thunders

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    Ha ha ha ha

    Know more about crime,offenders and sexual abuse than you billy.

    Actually worked in the system,been on CEOP courses and everything.

    You would be laughed at if you rocked up with "Grooming is all about brown folk in gangs" patter.

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